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       Una has been doing circus since she was knee high to a grasshopper. By the time she could tie her own shoes; she was out busking with her brother at local street festivals in Seattle, Washington, where she was born. By age ten Una had fallen in love with aerials; this love led her to spend seven years training up in the air at Versatile Arts in Seattle. Her journey continued with Circus Smirkus, a youth circus which travels around New England and New York in the summers. After this, she was accepted to the National Circus School in Montreal; where she specialized in rope with a minor in hula hoop.


       Una loves creating new things; whether it be tricks on her rope, or a new hair do! She loves the process of creating, and especially enjoys the moment of asking herself, "what if"? She might consider, while up on her rope, "What if I put my foot through this loop and then let go?" These are the explorations that keep her work in a constant state of fluidity.

photo - Shena Tschofen

Photo by Shena Tschofen

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